Bunker survey is carried out to measure and ascertain the quantity of marine oil on board at the specific time. This Survey report illustrate the amount of HSFO, LSFO, MGO, LSMGO , MDO. Bunker survey task to identify and records the number and Depth of Tank, Reference Height, and Measuring Method recommended to use (Ullage or Sounding) for each Oil Tank. Sounding is determined the level of liquid tank from the bottom of the tank to the liquid surface (typically applied for light liquid). Ullage means to determine the level of liquid of tank by measured the empty space from top of the Tank (the mouth of Sounding Pipe) to the liquid surface (typically applied for heavy liquid). The both methods will point to the same result.

  • Record the Last Bunker Report, Time and Place of last Bunker supplied, includes the Oil density
  • Records the quantity of bunker onboard when the ship arrives at Port (Finish with Engine) as per Engine Log Book
  • Check the Ship’s Draft Marks to get the Ship Trim for Trim correction, and check the ship Inclination or Listing for List Correction, that is required to calculate the Tank Quantity Table