i4 Survey’s qualified and experienced draft surveyors can carry out a draft survey on your behalf, generating an independent draft survey report.

A draft survey determines the weight of any goods being loaded or discharged,
calculating the difference resulting of measuring the displacement of the water both before and after the loading or discharge.

Our draft surveyors work accordingly to the international rules when calculating the weight, and taking into account several key figures, which include:

  • Draft marks readout (depending on the sea conditions – swell)
  • Water density
  • Ballast and vessel’s deductable liquids weights (initial and final draft readings)
  • Trim corrections (using provided data from the vessel’s draft tables)


Our draft surveyors fill the i4 Survey’s exclusive draft survey format with all the data obtained from their readings.

This software determines the weight as per the internationally standardised draft survey protocol, and a dedicated draft survey report is generated with all the relevant figures detailed.

The resulting draft survey report can be used as a quantity certification of the cargo loaded/discharged.