i4 Survey’s holds and hatches inspections is a service provided prior to loading to assure that vessel particulars are in suitable conditions so the cargo will not be contaminated by any previous material already in the hold, or affected in any way by vessel deficiencies and/or non proper hatch cover seals and securing arrangements during seas

If during the inspection, our surveyor notices any serious abnormality on vessel particulars that might become a serious risk, our customer will immediately receive a real time assessment in order to prevent or discuss possible corrective actions to be applied.

Holds and hatches inspections carried out by i4 Survey’s qualified staff consists on verifying a number of elements that may affect the quality of your goods:


  • Silver nitrate test, performed spot in order to ensure that holds tanks top and sides are clean and free from aggressive substances
  • Checkup for any signs of moisture, leakages or previous water damage in the hold or bilge
  • Ascertainment of no presence of any previous material in holds
  • Check of the rust conditions of the hold, to avoid contamination or discolor of your cargo
  • Review of previous cargos


  • Visual inspection of the hatch covers for water tightness check, looking for obvious damages, holes and leak points
  • Perform Hose or Ultrasonic Test (USDT) for comprehensive assessment and verification