i4 Survey’s loading / discharge supervision are aimed to protect and prevent the integrity, quality and safety of your goods throughout the supply chain operatives.

i4 Survey offers different options to conduct loading / discharge supervision:

  • Preloading inspection -> consisting on a pre-shipment inspection of the status of the goods and determining their storage and weather conditions, visible damages, rust ascertainment, packaging and marking features according Packing List…
  • Open hatches inspection -> inspecting and determining vessel cargo holds and hatches particulars, and cargo conditions before operative commences
  • Full time attendance -> checking underway operatives at every stage to provide constant and real time flow of information

Below list of activities are conducted during our loading / discharging supervison service by our experienced staff:

  • Operational monitoring of loading and discharge
  • Packaging and labelling checks
  • Sampling
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Quantity and weight control
  • Sealing operations
  • Damage ascertainment
  • Joint survey

If during loading / discharge supervision, our surveyor notices any serious issue or any procedure not followed according customer’s requests, i4 Survey representative will immediately contact and inform you concerning our findings and assessing in real time in order to prevent or discuss possible corrective actions to be taken.